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Family Travels

While we were studying navigation, I taught the children how to give and receive directions. So when we decided to go skiing for Jedidiah’s birthday at Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Eureka, I had the children copy the directions from the website in the manner that I taught them. With any new concept, I always reiterate the fact that God is orderly and efficient as we should be in all endeavors. This applies to directions as well. So instead of writing such superfluous words as “take, go, turn, make, highway, and miles,” we reduce them to two simple columns related to direction and name of byway.

      For instance, here are the directions from the website: “From St. Louis: (30 miles) Take Interstate 44 West to US Highway 109 at Eureka, Missouri. Head North on Highway 109 for about 2.5 miles until you reach Alt Road. Turn left onto Alt Road and travel for approximately 1 mile. Turn North at the first right, which will be Hidden Valley Drive. Keep to the right until you arrive at Hidden Valley Resort.”     

Instead of copying these directions, we would condense them to the following:  

W 44

N 109-2.5

L Alt-1.0

N First right 

This indeed makes them very simple and easy to read, especially for the driver.