Kirkwood's Farmer's Market and Summers Sidewalk Sale PDF Print E-mail
Delightful Surprises


Our family loves farmer’s markets and will travel distances to try new ones. Even when we are out of state, we look for them on Saturdays. (Last year while visiting the Martins in Kansas City, we stopped at their farmer’s market and found it to be the best we have ever visited.) This past Saturday, Sonia, Josiah, and I had a day off for a change—the boys did not need us to work with them—so we headed for Kirkwood’s Farmer’s Market, just east of the train station, catty corner from OK Hatchery. It was really nice. And as always, God blessed us with another surprise: all the local shops were having their annual summer sidewalk sale. We had so much fun! Mark your calendars for next year’s event, which I am told is always held on the second Saturday of July. But even if you missed this year’s event, be sure to visit this farmer’s market, for it is worth the trip. While in one of the shops, I was also told that Kirkwood has a great Christmas Walk.