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Family Travels
      Have you been on a float trip lately? If you have not, our family would highly recommend that you go this summer. We went with the Hamre family last summer and had such a wonderful time that we can hardly wait to go again. Jon grew up on the Black River, so we are most familiar with it, but we also love the clear running water, the nice swimming holes along the way, and the beautiful surrounding countryside. Right below the Black River Lodge, there is even a great rope swing for dropping into a nice water hole.      We take two vehicles. One we leave just below the Black River Lodge for when we get out; the other we park where we put in at Lesterville. This gives us a leisurely three to four hour float depending on how much time we spend playing and swimming along the way. We each have our own inner tubes, except Josiah who cannot swim yet. He wears a life jacket and straddles Jon or me in our tubes.      Our family prefers inner tubes to canoes for many reasons. Floating in tubes is much more relaxing than paddling, and they are easier to maneuver and lighter to pick up in low water spots. It is a lot cooler sitting in the water and a lot more fun for water play. Tubes are also much better for visiting than trying to keep canoes close enough for conversation. Furthermore, they are a lot less expensive. We purchased our tubes several years ago from Mimosa Service Station in Ironton for just $10 apiece. Jon and Jedidiah keep patching them.      Treat your family to a delightful day on the Black River, and it will surely become an annual family favorite. As my son says, “It’s better than terrific!”      If you are hungry afterwards, Andy’s in Arcadia has good hamburgers and French fries. We like to sit outside and eat at the picnic tables. Of course, for better dining, Pasta House in Farmington is our favorite.