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Delightful Surprises

††††† For our first picnic dinner this year, Josiah, Sonia, and I made layered sandwiches. First Sonia sliced two crusty, country round loaves of bread in two. Then she pulled out most of the soft bread and set aside for bread pudding. Inside each half loaf, I brushed garlic infused olive oil. Once this was done, I began layering salami, provolone, roasted red peppers, red onions, and Boston lettuce hearts. After four layers of each, I placed the two halves together of each loaf, wrapped them up tightly in Saran Wrap, placed between two cookie sheets, and topped with two five pound bags of flour and two large cans of chicken broth. This sat on the kitchen counter for hours until they were flattened to my liking. When this was complete, I sliced each round loaf into fourths and then wrapped each wedge with plastic wrap.

††††† After the sandwiches were assembled, Josiah and I trimmed the top edges of five luncheon size paper bags with pinking shears. Then, using markers, Josiah personalized each family memberís bag with name and picture. After this was done, Josiah went outside to pick violets, while I cut ten sheets of waxed paper. Between each set of two sheets, I arranged groupings of 6-10 violets, some with stems, some without. After the arrangements were made, Josiah sealed the violets between the two sheets of waxed paper with a warm iron. When they were done, I laid two squares of Key Lime cookies face down on each beautiful violet waxed pane, wrapped them up, and set them aside.

††††† As soon as this was done, I began to fill each bag with two pieces of Bazooka bubble gum, three miniature candy bars, a wedge of sandwich, a bag of carrots and red radishes that I decorated with the peeler, and the beautifully wrapped lime dessert. I then filled mason jars with sweetened tea and took along a bag of fresh mint from our garden for decoration and flavor.

††††††When we got to Art Hill in Forest Park, we laid our quilt and blanket on the ground in front of the gorgeous Grand Basin, situated our dogs next to us, prayed, and then enjoyed the lovely sack dinners we had prepared. After dinner, we walked the Grand Basin, which by then was illuminated by lights within each fountain. The evening was enchanting. Enjoy!