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Delightful Surprises

Although we have already relived our trip out West during several Western Parties that I hosted this fall (the ideas for these being listed in the September/October 2004 newsletter), I am once again going to throw another party related to our trip, only this time I am highlighting the Grand Canyon. Why? Because when I read through the Nature’s Workshop Plus catalog, I noticed a book and a video on the Grand Canyon, which would not only make a wonderful family keepsake to remind us of our time spent together there, but also would be a great way to begin studying the magnificence of this canyon in more depth, no pun intended!

Let me just copy what the catalog has to say about these products: “Grand Canyon: Explore the majesty and beauty of one of God’s greatest creations! Twenty authorities on the Grand Canyon from a creationist perspective have contributed explanatory essays to the book. The breathtaking photographs are stunning with a text that is easy to understand and very informative. This is a gift-quality hardback book, 96 pages.”

Grand Canyon: Monument To The Flood video: Your personal tour of the Grand Canyon brought to you by the creation scientists who know it best! Answer the hard questions about the origin and history of the Grand Canyon and learn how the Grand Canyon is best understood in the light of Scripture. Produced by Institute for Creation Research. Approximately 55 minutes.”

I just so happen to have A Guide to Field Identification: Rocks and Minerals book, which I wanted to study during our trip to the mountains, but I was preoccupied with so many other things that we did not get around to looking up many rocks on our trip. Therefore, when I saw these two great resources listed in the catalog, I knew that they would make a great beginning to studying geology. Visit or call 888-393-5663.