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Delightful Surprises

Decorate the table with your husband’s favorite colored plates and napkins. In the center of the table, place wrapped gifts of appreciation. Amongst these, place objects that express his skills and hobbies—tools, lures, gun shells, turkey caller, work gloves….

Have the children write letters to their father, expressing their thanks for all he does for them and the family. Write a letter yourself expressing your appreciation for him as your husband. Place these at his place to be read after dinner.

Go through old pictures and select ones that depict different times in his life. Use these as part of the table decorations, but after dinner have him talk about each of these pictures and his life at that time period.

Let everyone in the family help prepare his favorite meal and dessert.

Meet him at the door with an exclamation of “Surprise!” and a song of “For He’s a Grand Daddy and Husband” (to the tune of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”), followed by a nice soak in the tub and then a back rub.

Enjoy a leisurely meal.

After dinner, let your husband read each of his letters and open up his presents. Then collect the pictures and have him talk about each of them, specifically recounting special memories from his childhood.

Play his favorite board game.

After all the fun is over, gather around your husband and have everyone lay hands on him as each family member takes turns praying a special blessing upon him. Y