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Delightful Surprises

When I was a young mother, I often asked other mothers what toys they thought were most valuable to their children. I also went to great toy stores perusing the shelves so I could make the best-educated choices for my own children. With this in mind, I decided to compile a list of our all time favorites, so that other young mothers could glean from our family because we have played together every day and night since we became a family (with children) 25 years ago.



      Our favorite games are Sequence, King’s Cribbage, Rummikub, Parcheesi, Othello, Scrabble, Traverse, Chess, Mancala, Taboo, Chinese Checkers, Stratego, Risk, Herd Your Horses, Landslide Boggle, Name That State, Name That Country, Candyland, and Hi Ho Cherry-O.



      Playmobils were by far the best investment we ever made in toys. Although all the Playmobils we have are great fun—including the medieval castle and sailboat—the fort, cavalry, cowboys, Indians, and ranch house have been played with the most and are still left out in the boys’ cowboy bedroom in the country.

      Legos are another favorite, which provided hours of creative fun for our children. We continued to purchase sets of Legos throughout the children’s growing years so that they had enough to create intricate structures.

      Sets of large wooden blocks were a mainstay for building cities, towns, farms, zoos, parking garages and many other structures for our plastic farm animals and wild animals, our Fisher Price people, and our Matchbox cars.

      Matchbox cars and a carpet play mat specifically designed for them still provide hours of fun for Josiah.

      Brio wooden train sets provide hours of imaginary play while encouraging creativity.

      A child-sized stove, refrigerator, table, chairs, doll bed, and dolls were used by all the children and provided hours of great fun as they played house, acting as Jon and Candy Summers, of course. And oh, how Jon and I enjoyed listening to their dialogue and even enjoyed participating in their make believe play.

      A genuine cash register, which we purchased at Office Depot, became a great hit for playing grocery store, shoe store, clothing store, and toy store. All the children loved to ring up their customers’ purchases on a real cash register. It was also a great teaching tool for adding and making change. With this we gave them stamp pads, stamps, statement books, tickets, receipts, hole punch, pens, and a bell to ring for service.

      Plastic wild animals and farm animals were great fun, especially when the children built farms and zoos with our wooden blocks for them.

      Giant floor puzzles have always been a fun activity at our house because once the pieces were put together, I would give the children a dowel rod for a pointer so they could point to the items I asked them to find.

            We have also greatly enjoyed our foosball table, air hockey table, ping pong table, and dart board and highly recommend that families invest in these for “great family fun”!