Never Compare
Heart to Heart

Never, ever compare your kids with one another or with other children. Never, ever compare yourself, your spouse, your house, your skills, or your homeschool with anyone else. Yes, we should strive to learn everything we can from others and always strive to become what Godís perfect will is for us, but learning is different than comparing. People who are better skilled in some areas should not make us feel con≠demned. We should rejoice that we can learn from that person. Glean what we can, and dismiss the rest. Contentment is the key to happiness! Children catch this from their parents.

††††† Women especially always size themselves up with everyone else around them. How can this work? God made each of us special but miraculously in different ways. You may be able to sing, sew, or oil paint, all of which I would love to be able to do but donít have the talent. I donít feel inferior, I feel blessed to know you and admire your gift. Competition and jealousy are excess baggage that none of us can afford to carry around. They not only pull down our spirit, but ultimately dearly cost everyone around us.††††† Each of us are originals, signed by the Almighty Father Himself, valuable, registered, magnificent works of art. Sunsets cannot be compared to moonlit nights, and thoroughbreds cannot be compared to butterflies, any more than one person can be compared to another. Each is gorgeous in Godís own unique design. Let us look deep inside the otherís heart. What lies buried there? Treasures beyond compare! May we dust off Godís signature and polish each special gift back to its original, beautiful luster with words of appreciation. Godís healing touch lifts two hearts at once to heights beyond compare. Contentment is the key that unlocks the storehouse of happiness. (Reprinted from Thereís No Place Like Home book.) ©