Heart to Heart

Do you feel like Martha Stewart left home without leaving a forwarding address?

      Several weeks ago, I looked around the house and was horrified at what my eyes encountered—clutter and chaos. Boxes of magazines lined the hallway, postal bags filled with bundled magazines covered the floor, and a box of conference flyers sat in one chair with a stack of outgoing mail in another. Piles of paper covered the dining room table, and paper surrounded it in piles and boxes on the floor. Dishes were piled in the sink, and clothes were piled in both bedrooms. Boxes of homeschooling materials for new homeschoolers, for support group leaders, and for the election and more magazines consumed our back porch. I won’t even describe the laundry area except to say that Jon purchased new socks because he hadn’t any clean ones. And autumn was upon us without any of my fall decorations displayed.

      Where was House Beautiful and Martha Stewart? Sadly, they were buried beneath piles of work and forgotten because the urgencies of the moment and cares of the world had taken precedence over those things that soothe and delight my family.      Created in the image of God, the Creator, all of us have been imprinted with His image—the Creator of beauty and loveliness—and within each of us His creative spirit resides. This too, however, can be buried beneath the cares of this world. And for many, quenched long ago by critical spirits and ridicule, this creative spirit received insufficient nutrition and failed to develop. However, take heart. Whether buried, quenched, or malnourished, once drawn upon and nurtured, your creative spirit will greatly bless both you and your family.      If Martha Stewart is buried somewhere, determine to clear away the clutter, the dust, and the ho-hum to make way for the beautiful and lovely. Diligently, room by room, clean from top to bottom to get ready for the February issue’s “Creating a Spirit of Loveliness,” which will help you create a home that truly soothes, comforts, and delights your family’s spirits.

      Right now, I’m busy uncovering Martha. ©