Making The Holidays Last PDF Print E-mail
Delightful Surprises


     Through the years I have often heard moms express their sadness on how quickly Christmas passed and how stark their house looks now that all the decorations have been removed. Well, I have the perfect solution! Like my parents before me, we keep all the decorations up until Valentine’s Day. Just as we keep each season’s decorations up for three months, so we keep up the Christmas decorations as our winter decorations. We also continue to light the trees and Christmas village each night while we play games and listen to Christmas music, making this delightful holiday last for an entire three months. So instead of Christmas being one rushed month, we truly enjoy this delightful holiday for three months. This alleviates the frustration of working so hard in getting everything ready without time to truly enjoy it.

      Our family tradition in January and February is to play games, read, work puzzles, and watch our favorite winter videos with all the above Christmas amenities. One of our favorite pastimes is to watch videos from PBS’s English Hercules Poirot series several nights a week. To make it truly an English evening, I bring in my large silver serving tray laden with my silver teapot, my crystal bowl filled with sugar cubes, silver tongs for the cubes, and our beautiful china to enjoy with strawberries and cream, homemade chocolate truffles, scones, cookies, or pastries for us to savor while we enjoy our video. We also have favorite January and February books that we return to each year to reread.

      May your holidays be filled with great family traditions!