Surprising Husbands
Heart to Heart

Until just recently, it had been a while since I had surprised Jon with a loving or cute card. I used to surprise Jon with cards all the time after we were first married, but since so many other responsibilities have taken precedence over my time, I just kind of forget about doing that.

      However, while we were in Creve Coeur Camera downloading our digital pictures, Josiah kept coming over to me with funny cards to read from their card rack. One in particular caught my attention as it reflected our age-old conflict over early morning rising. Now I do get up with Jon at 6:00 to get him ready for work and see him off, but as Jon so poignantly pointed out, Sonia with eyes open and big smile on her face actually waves to him as he’s passing on the way down the street while I politely kiss him with my eyes closed, practically pushing him out of the door so that I can quickly go back to sleep for a while longer. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but truthfully not much.

      However, Jon’s tale that I have never seen a sunrise is just not true. And I can tell you from experience that a sunrise in no way comes close to the magnificence of any sunset.

      But back to the point of my story—Josiah brought a card to me that I could not resist, which I signed and left for Jon to find in his van. He thought it was so cute that he not only immediately called to tell me, but also has kept it on the console of the van so that he can look at it frequently to think of me with a smile.

      On the front of the card is a kitten yawning for all it is worth with the inside inscription reading, “I’d like mornings a lot better if they started a little later.” My sentiments exactly! I have never been a morning person, and at this time of my life, I do not look for this to change.

      My point in this, however, is that as wives, we need to remind ourselves to do those thoughtful things that we once did when we were first married. It does not have to be as often as we once did at first, but a little more regularity would be much appreciated by our husbands. Take the time to select some cards for your husband, intermixing both funny and loving sentiments. Or if your husband likes a certain candy or needs a tool or desires a certain publication or book … surprise and delight him just to let him know that you are lovingly thinking of just him.



      Lunches are an important part of every man’s day. With the cooler weather, I have once again started putting homemade soups in our thermal dispenser accompanied with hearty sandwiches or cheese, sausage, and crackers; crackers or chips; fruit; and either leftover dessert from the previous night or homemade granola with chopped fruit and nuts.