Home Sweet Home Once Again
Heart to Heart
Dear Families, 

      This month marks the beginning of several pilgrimages to the center of our hearts where we find that delightful child within us. We begin our sentimental journey as we retrace our steps along the path that leads to the door that opens wide to welcome us HOME, embracing us with that love that’s so sweet to our soul.

      Gathered together under one roof once again, we reunite to recreate lifelong traditions that quicken our hearts. The familiar faces, voices, embraces, and stories that have endeared us to them flood us with the sweet memories of childhood. Although indelibly etched upon our minds, we continue to capture each moment so we can also carry on the responsibility of uniting the generations.

      Then with restored souls, we are once again able to leave our safe harbor and venture out upon the new world to weather the storms and chart new courses. No matter where the wind should take us, we will always find our way home once again.

      The Lord continues to bless His endeavor. Four hundred of our magazines were given to the premiere Christian leaders of our country at the Council for National Policy and one hundred more to pastors from around the country. Thanks again for all your prayers and encouragement to press on towards the mark.            Love, Jon and Candy P.S. Please remember there will be no December issue. You’ll receive your next issue in the first week of January. New Homeschoolers’ Seminar Thursday, November 12, 7:00-10:00 p.m. Hazelwood Baptist Church, 6161 Howdershell. Take 270 to McDonnell Blvd. Go north not quite a mile, and it becomes Howdershell. Church is on the left. $5 per person. Pay at door. Candy Summers will speak on the following topics:¨      Our Missouri Law¨      1,000 Hour Requirement¨      Logging Hours¨      Choosing Curriculum¨      Organizing and Flexibility¨      Teaching Creatively vs. The Workbook Syndrome¨      Unit Studies¨      Grading¨      Testing¨      College Preparation¨      Toddlers¨      Surprising and Delighting¨      Serving the Best to Your Family