Heart to Heart
Do you share your gratefulness with your children? No matter what my children do, I praise them for it. When Sonia brings up clean wash, I tell her how wonderful it smells. When I see the socks all lined up neatly in the drawer, I tell her how neat the drawer looks. After Josiah cleans the bathroom or mops the floor, I commend him on the fine job hes done and how nice it looks. When Jedidiah mows the lawn, I praise him for making our lawn look so pretty. When Sonia makes bread, I tell her how wonderful it smells and how great it tastes. My appreciation continues throughout the day, so no matter how little or how big the job, I tell them just how much I appreciate their work. This has paid off through the years because now they praise one another without any prompting from me and continually thank Jon and me for everything that we do for them. Do not neglect this most important lesson, for it sets the standard for their future homes, but most importantly gets them into the habit of praising God for all He does for them.