Heart to Heart

You may not realize it by looking at me, but not only do I love to fish with my children, but also I clean the fish after we catch them. Now I admit that I do not bait the hook, seein’ how our fish prefer live crickets—a creature that I cannot stomach—but trust me, both my boys and my husband do not mind baiting my hook because I do clean the fish.

      Now I must tell you that although I like to fish, I am not a great fisherman, nor are any of our family members. But we do welcome a light rain during late spring and summer evenings, for one thing that we know about fishin’ (probably the only thing we know) is that fishing is always best during a light rain. So when we hear a little pitter patter upon our roof, we grab our bucket of crickets in search of fat perch, which we love dipped in cornmeal and deep-fried.

      My speculation is that fish, instead of thinking that it rains cats and dogs, fly to the surface of the water because they believe that it rains flying insects for their supper. I kid you not, most of the times that we have fished in the rain, Jon just keeps baiting my hook, taking off the fish, and putting them on the stringer, just to bait my hook again. For I am not a patient person when I am catching fish at that fast of a pace, since it does not happen that often. Consequently, I hurry Jon on by saying things like, “Come on, Jon, the fish are just waiting for my hook.” “Jon, please get a cricket on my hook, for I do not want to miss a bite.” “Please, Jon, hurry! The more fish I catch, the more there will be for you to eat.”

      And, quite frankly, although we can catch a pretty mess of fish during a rain, I will cook any amount of fish. When I take Josiah to a nearby creek, he often only catches a few little fish. This is because he loves to play and fish (not a good combination because it tends to scare the fish away), but Josiah loves it, so I let him do both. Tiny fish might be a better description, but even at three inches, I will batter them and fry them up because he is so delighted with anything he catches. Quite actually, so am I. A fish, no matter what its size, is still a fish. One bite or two, five or ten matters not; it’s all in the fun of catching them, I think. So grab some poles, your rain slickers and boots, and, of course, do not forget the crickets, and go have some fun! Y