Getting Ready for Spring
Heart to Heart

As I have gotten older, I find myself more reluctant to relinquish the fading seasons so as to fully embrace the succeeding ones. Maybe this is due to the fact that they seem to be flying by at an alarming rate, making time feel like sand slipping through my fingers. Right now I am reluctant to let go of winter with all the maternal coziness it affords usócoming back from snow-covered walks to the warmth of the golden lights that pour forth from our home, cuddling under a pile of blankets, basking in the golden glow of candlelit dinners, sipping steaming tea while one of us reads, working winter puzzles in front of the fire, and staying toasty and snug while snowflakes drift upon a sleepy world of darkness. Ahhh, how delightfully cozy!!

††††† Yet God knows best, so go it must that I may spring forth into a new dimension of Godís marvelous, creative character. The time has come for me to cast off my woolens for soft cottons and step outside so I can once again thrill to the songs of the trilling birds who herald in this equally marvelous, wonderful season, whose melodies mark the hours; to once again deeply breathe in the air that is now redolent with spring blossoms; to gather blossoms for bouquets, salads, and pressing for bookmarks; to run my hands through the delicate blades of green grass while my children roll, skip, and hop in it; and to sit on the porch to look and look and look. A passerby might ask at what I am staring, but if they have to ask, they have already missed the preciousness of Godís character displayed in everything around us.

††††† Only those who have eyes to see can truly see all the beauty that God has brought to my doorstep once again; for the difference between weeds and flowers is simply in the eyes of those who are looking. Truly, my best bouquets come from the weeds. The way we embrace the seasons of life is simply a matter of outlook. God brings the marvels of His character right to our door so all we have to do is look. I am ready now, are you? Y