The Blessing of Being Home
Heart to Heart


     What makes you happy? Is it the sound of your children’s laughter? Is it the smell of clean laundry? Does the roughness of your husband’s cheek against yours as he holds you close to his heart make your heart soar? Do you wake up in the morning and count yourself blessed to have a husband who provides for you so you can stay home to train up the little ones? Do you enjoy your calling as wife and mother?

     I awoke this morning to the blessed quiet of a snow-covered winter wonderland with snow still steadily falling. Aahhh, today was the day I had awaited to disclose my winter wonderland surprise—two new cookie cutters, a snowflake and a snowman. They were hidden away for a long time, as I had lovingly anticipated a day such as today to make, bake, and decorate snowflake and snowman cookies while listening to Bing sing Christmas songs while the teakettle hummed in delightful chorus, praising such a glorious day.

     Never mind that it was approaching the end of January. As some of you know, we keep the Christmas tree up till the ornaments begin sliding off drooping branches. (I hold my breath hoping we can make it to Valentine’s Day.) So until I’m compelled to take it down, I enjoy Christmas with my family for three glorious months of Christmas music (my favorite), nights filled with candlelight and enchanting little white lights from four Christmas trees and two large swags laden with ornaments, ribbon, icicles, and snowflakes. Then of course there are long nights of reading, playing games, sipping tea and conversing and cozy nights spent cuddled together between soft flannel sheets topped with piles of blankets.

     After we decorated these adorable cookies, I sewed a little Holly Berry baby tucked in a holly leaf sleeping bag made out of felt while the children painted wooden Christmas trees. Then we played board games, drank tea, ate our cookies, read, and watched a Christmas classic.

     For almost three months Jon has been home with us to enjoy days such as these. What a magnificent blessing and gift it has been to all of us. I am truly so very thankful to be a stay-at-home mom who loves to stay at home. I am never more contented than when I am at home with my family enjoying their company.

     My prayer and hope is to encourage as many moms as I can to come home and enjoy the blessedness and contentment that being home with family brings. For truly, there is no place like home!