A Touch of Love
Heart to Heart
     To love and be loved is the essence of life and the very heart of our desire to carry on. For all the world’s tribulations, we can endure and overcome if we but know that someone truly cares and loves us. And as parents, we must understand the importance of our roles in emulating God’s great love for His children and continually assure our children of our love for them.

     Every day we are surrounded by God’s magnificent love for us, delighting our senses, lifting our spirits, comforting our souls, nurturing our minds, protecting our bodies, supplying our needs, and indulging us with delightful surprises—all His signature touches to let us know how much He loves us.

     A nod, a wink, a smile, a pat, a caress, an embrace, a listening ear, a time of play, a gift … a touch of love, over and over again. They warm our children’s hearts, lift their spirits, bless their souls, and strengthen them to face the world.