Establishing Traditions All Year Long
Heart to Heart

The slower pace of winter makes this the perfect time to plan a year’s worth of traditions to implement throughout the year. If interested, my planner also entitled There’s No Place Like Home explains the importance of making the most of our time and then shares a wealth of the traditions and family celebrations we love to do each month, followed by monthly calendars and daily planners to help you establish and implement your own. There is nothing more important than planning to make the most of our short time on earth and to make the time with our children count. To order, send $23 to There’s No Place Like Home, c/o Jon Summers, 236 St. Louis Avenue, Ferguson, MO  63135. Your life will never be the same after following the suggestions in my planner. However, even if you do not order my planner, please take the time to plan out wonderful activities for your family each week.


[The following is reprinted from There’s No Place Like Home book:]

      The months of January and February are the perfect months for spending a lot of time cooking, reading, doing crafts, and playing games as a family.

*    We love cooking as a family and trying new recipes. Go through your recipes and pick out ones that you have always wanted to try, and then make up several weeks’ worth of menus using all new recipes.

*    Look on your bookshelves for all those books you haven’t gotten around to reading and have a read-a-thon.

*    Ask friends what their favorite games are so you can add some new favorites to yours. Then have night after night of playing fun.

*    Go to your favorite craft store and pick up a load of supplies for several days of crafts.

*    Get out your new calendar, gather the family together, and begin planning the year’s worth of family celebrations.

*    Plan some new decorating or renovation projects for your home.

*    Plan a new garden area in your yard.

*    Plan many, many special family celebrations.

*    Plan some very special outings—trips to new restaurants, museums, and parks.

*    Plan weekend excursions to places within several hours of your home.

*    Plan a trip to somewhere in the country where you have never been.

*    Plan to learn some new hobbies and skills that you are interested in.

*    Plan several excursions for some of the older relatives in your family.

*    Get out all your family slides or movies and have a night reminiscing.

      Determine to make this the very best year your family has ever spent together!!!!!!