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Delightful Surprises

     When we studied creation again, we read The Wild Kingdom, which Jennifer Quinn had recommended, containing both beautiful pictures and interesting facts. Once again, we also enjoyed Moody’s The Wonders of God’s Creation: Animal Kingdom video that Linda Kesselring had blessed us with last year. The video so beautifully glorifies God for His magnificent masterpieces of creation that we also ordered their Human Life video as well through Timberdoodle Company (360-426-0672, To go along with the video, I ordered SomeBody: a game that helps children learn about their body parts without gender-related details. Both have helped enforce how fearfully and wonderfully made we are.

      To further enhance our study of God’s animals, we watched the video Born Free, a true story about reintroducing a tame lioness into the wild. We found this family video at our library.

      Alton, Illinois support group leader Mary Harris and Suzie Bonniwell recently came by for a nice visit. While they were here, they mentioned several good ideas for field trips: Alton’s Lock and Dam, Pere Marquette’s Visitor Center, and the Eagle Days Tour, also available through Pere Marquette. Mary cautioned us that the naturalist does refer to evolution, but otherwise interacts very well with children.