A Higher Calling
Heart to Heart


Some of the moms I’ve counseled with lately are struggling with discontentment. If you are, always remember to look at your life through the eyes of Christ and count your blessings!


• Some moms wake up to the morning news, but we wake up to hugs and kisses.


• Some moms may get dressed up for work, but we can dress any way we like and be comfortable.


• Some moms may listen to mood music while they work, but nothing is sweeter than the sounds of our own happy children.


• Some moms pay taxes while we pay attention and pay compliments to our children.


• Some moms may have a lot of co-worker buddies, but there’s no closer friendship than with our own children and husband.


• Some moms pay big bucks to go work out at the gym, but we don’t have to leave the comforts of home, pay big bucks, or sweat while we work out to keep up with our toddlers.


• Some moms may take exciting yearly vacations, but with children, every day is an adventure.


• Some moms may have a bigger house, even though no one’s home to enjoy it, but we can snuggle together in our cozy home every day.


• Some moms have more space to entertain company, but the best company to entertain is our own family.


• Some moms may work to possess lots of possessions, but the only possessions we can take to heaven are our children.


• Some moms may boast great retirement benefits, but we have the absolute best—children and grandchildren—that will not only rise up and call us blessed, but will bless us by keeping us.


• Some moms may attain a higher social status, but there is no higher calling than being a full time mom.


• While lying on their death bed, no one wishes they had worked more or made more money, but most wish they had spent more time with their loved ones.


Our children are a testimony of our faithfulness, and we won’t have any regrets when called home.