Dear Lord, How Far We Have Fallen
Heart to Heart

††††† You know, I must live a much more sheltered life than I thought. Just last week, I took Josiah to the zoo. Swarms of people were everywhere. I do not like crowds, but this crowd was particularly disturbing to me. As a matter of fact, although I was delighted to be out with Josiah, I was literally sick to my stomach the entire time we were at the zoo because of the evil that surrounded me. The dress was immodest, the tee shirts were obnoxious, the tattoos were demonic, the amount of tattoos shocking, and the lack of respect and decency was appalling. Folks, we are in serious trouble!†††††

††††† Not only was I alarmed at what I saw, but also saddened by the realization of the hopelessness of all those lost souls. Revival is the only hope we have for saving this nation from Godís justifiable wrath. Let us faithfully pray each day that Godís people humble themselves and repent so that God will heal our land. And let us always remember that people are watching us, as well; therefore, let us shine brightly and give a reason for the hope that is within us.