Creating a Spirit of Loveliness
Heart to Heart


     Created in the image of God, the Creator, all of us have been imprinted with His image—the Creator of beauty and loveliness—and within each of us His creative spirit resides. This too, however, can be buried beneath the cares of this world. And for many, quenched long ago by critical spirits and ridicule, this creative spirit received insufficient nutrition and failed to develop. However, take heart. Whether buried, quenched, or malnourished, once drawn upon and nurtured, your creative spirit will greatly bless both you and your family.     

     The home our Heavenly Father created for us not only gives us a marvelous blueprint to follow, but clearly reveals the great importance of beauty and detail. Everywhere we look (underfoot, overhead, or in front), wonderful colors, textures, scents, and sounds delight our senses and make our hearts soar. If God thought it important enough to make fungus, fish, rocks, and insects beautiful, how much more significant for us to design lovely homes for our own families.      Following God’s example, our homes should delight our senses, rejuvenate our spirits, soothe our souls—a haven for knowing God and celebrating life and family. True happiness can only be found at home—the place that should captivate the hearts and souls of its occupants so they keep coming home again and again. This will be an influence which will affect the homes of future generations.     

      By dipping deep within the wellspring of our souls and embracing the feminine gifts bestowed on us by our Father, we can create lovely homes for our husbands and children. No place is as sweet as the one saturated with the touches of a woman’s love for her family.     

     Visible manifestations of who we are, our homes mirror our passions. Like signatures, our homes identify us and set us apart from everyone else. One of a kind, each of us possesses a touch uniquely our own.     

     Ardently romantic, my signature touch loves to create romance in each room so we can fall in love with them over and over again. Undaunted by a pauper’s purse and 900 square feet of living space, I determined to make our home beautiful, little by little investing what I could in luxurious treasures that created a rich, warm, and cozy “Welcome Home” home that echoes love throughout. Even though most of us don’t live in our dream home or possess unlimited wealth to decorate as we wish, diligently loving hands can still transform houses into lovely homes.     

     A romantic atmosphere can most easily be achieved through the use of lighting, fabrics, and music. Lighting brings the most significant change. The dramatic effect from lighting can be accomplished by adding dimmer switches to your overhead fixtures, recessed lighting, wall sconces, lights on pictures, lots of candles, and strings of little white lights around mirrors and doorways, over kitchen cabinets, in large plants.… For the most enchanting effect, plug in the white lights, greatly dim overhead fixtures, light all your candles, and turn off the rest of the lights.     

     Candles certainly are my favorite source of light because of the rich, warm, enchanting glow they cast within each room. Tapers in my candelabras, tea lights in all my crystal bowls, and varying heights of pillars radiate their glow throughout our home.     

     Pieces of beautiful fabrics can be purchased relatively inexpensively considering the decorative contribution they bring to a room. Casually draped over a chair or table, poofed and knotted on a curtain rod, abundantly skirted around a table, poofed down the center of a dining room table, or covering a bedside table and elegantly poofed on the floor, fabrics transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whenever browsing through fabric stores, I purchase one yard or several yards of fabrics I adore. These I keep on hand for a change of scenery.    

     Pretty wide ribbons and gold cord are also good to keep on hand for tying back draperies, securing poofs of fabric, tying napkins, draping over mirrors, winding through greenery, and loosely weaving around and down through the other dining room centerpiece amenities.     

     Soft, beautiful music really sets the mood for an elegant dinner, friendly gathering, or intimate visit. Sax on Ivory, a perfect blend of saxophone, piano, and strings by Max LeMar and Melody Sweeting, is by far the most beautiful, soothing, romantic music I’ve ever heard. It stays near our cassette player for continual enjoyment.  

     Painting is another relatively inexpensive way to transform a room. With the vast array of sumptuous colors now available coupled with exciting new techniques, painting a room has become an artist’s paradise. By far the most romantic effect comes from sponge painting. Using several slightly contrasting, subtle colors, a very lovely muted effect can be achieved.

      For unique moldings, baseboard doors, trim, and other elaborate architectural treasures, visit salvage yards.


     Our bedroom is one of our most beloved rooms. A luxurious retreat that exerts an irresistible pull for self-indulgence to linger and lounge, to nestle and snuggle, to nurture and pamper, and to set your dreams aloft can be created using subtle, warm colors and soft textures, plump comforters, drapes that sweep the floor, a bedside table draped with beautiful fabric, silver-lidded crystal containers, crystal perfume bottles, silver dresser set, and beautifully bound books next to the bed or a sumptuous overstuffed chair.


     To evoke a mood of intimacy, create a spot with a loveseat and coffee table for two tucked in one corner of the room for tête-à-têtes, midnight snacks, or quiet evening meals. It’s our favorite hideaway for splendid leisure! Strategically placed, a large mirror reflects our beautiful armoire when we walk in the room. A muted garland is draped over the mirror with a cherub peeking out. Lights behind our shuttered closet doors, beautiful oil lamps, and turned down bedspread and top sheets warmly welcome us to bed.


     To create an elegant dining room, select shiny foil wallpaper with hints of gold, and hang mirrors to reflect the dancing warm glow of candlelight. Place a dimmer switch on a pretty overhead fixture, and use plenty of candles.


     Gold gilded frames filled with pretty prints, pretty throws, strands of pearls, dried hydrangeas sprayed gold, hatboxes, lovely vases filled with a profusion of blossoms, garlands, topiaries, feather boas, gold cherubs, crystal bowls of potpourri, mirrors, ornaments, sponges, fragrant soaps … surround yourself with what you dearly love, carefully placing your treasures in well-choreographed harmony.


     The homes we make for our families will reap blessings for generations to come. For truly, there’s no place like home. ©