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Delightful Surprises


       Every Christmas, we give each of the children several heirloom Christmas ornaments so they will possess a lovely collection of ornaments when they have homes of their own. We purchase the same ornament for each child so that in years to come, the children will be calling each other to ask, “Do you have your snowmen ornaments up yet?” Or when they see them at each other’s homes, they can think fondly of Jon and I who desired to use lovely memories to draw them together.

      We also give each child a special Christmas book each year. Some of our favorites include The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado, The Legend of the Christmas Stocking by Rick Osborne, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski, Happy Winter by Karen Gundersheimer, The Twelve Days of Christmas by Hilary Knight, Over the River and Through the Woods, Christmas Toyland by Lynn Hollyn, Deck the Hall by Sylvia Long, and Dick and Jane: A Christmas Story. We also love giving other books as well, many times copies of our family’s favorites so that they possess their own copy to read to their own families.

      Every December I unpack all our Christmas books that we have acquired over the past years and leave them out in our living room next to the big reading chair so that throughout the season I have them at hand to read to the children. These, too, will become special treasures of memories as they read them to their own children.