Heart to Heart

In my lifetime, Iíve seen a lot of trends come and go and have heard a lot of conflicting information. From my observations, Iíve learned that most experts arenít really experts at all, but just people with different ideas that caught the public eye. As we all know, the public is pretty easily swayed by new ideas and fads.†††††

Take for instance the horrible style of clothes which have prevailed these past few yearsósilver zippers down the front of cheap satin blouses, bath rugs for sweaters, sloppy polyester dresses, and platform shoes that make girls walk like they are taking ďElephant StepsĒ in a game of ďMother May I.Ē I donít care that people really buy these clothes; the styles are just as hideous now as they were when I was a girl.†††††

We must rely on our own common sense and Godís Holy Spirit rather than on the ways of men.†††††

How about butter versus margarine? When everyone was telling us how terrible butter was for our hearts, I continued using it exclusively. First of all, sweet butter is wonderfully delicious, while margarine tastes awful. Besides, how could anything man made be better for our bodies than what God provided for us? Then we heard what I suspected all along. Something as awful tasting as margarine was truly bad for our bodies.†††††

While plastic cutting boards were touted as safe alternatives to archaic wooden boards which harbored deadly bacteria, I continued using my lovely wooden cutting boards just as my mother and her mother before her had. Now weíre told that certain germs thrive on plastic, but cannot survive on wood.†††††

For years, running was the rage for a healthier body. Exercise is indeed essential for staying fit, but running for miles did not seem natural to me. Years later, many runners suffer from damage done to both knees and feet.†††††

Recently, doctors warned fair skinned people like myself to wear sunscreen to protect us from skin cancer. Placing chemicals on my skin never made sense to me. I preferred to let Godís sun warm my countenance. Now studies are concluding that the chemicals in sunscreens may indeed cause cancer.†††††

Even among homeschooling authors, Iíve heard some pretty strange notions that defy the common sense God gave us. Iíve also seen some awful curriculum that was touted as wonderful.†††††

My point in all thisóDo not allow yourself to be tossed to and fro by every new trend or curriculum. Rely on your common sense and the Holy Spirit that dwells within you to discern what is Godís best for your family. Do not be swayed just because the experts promote some method or material as exceptional or (worse yet) because everyone else is going in that direction. Keep your eyes on the Lord, and He will direct the way in which you should go. ©