Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, What Will My Little Boy Be?
Heart to Heart
††††† A writer? He loves to scribble in his siblingís workbooks. A gardener? He often waters my carpet with his Tommy Tippee sprinkling cup. Chef? He has a knack for tossing his spaghetti from his high chair and likes to experiment with new recipes of flour, sugar, and rice on the floor. Grocer? Balancing stacked canned goods in front of the cabinets can be quite a feat. Artist? He was very creative with his strokes of red marker on the girlsí bedspread, hatbox, dresser, door, bench, kitchen table, refrigerator, armchair, and sofa. Democratic politician? He sometimes runs and hides when heís done something wrong and then gives a wide fake smile, as if allís well, when I find him. Drywaller? He was pretty handy with the putty knife and spackling compound on my freshly painted wall. Being the good mother I am, Iím always on the lookout for my sonís potential as he displays remarkable abilities for one so young. [Reprinted from Thereís No Place Like Home book.] Y