Boys and Girls
Heart to Heart


††††† Remember, boys want their mamas right by their side, and if you arenít, do not expect your young sons to complete their work quickly unless you have already trained them to focus their minds on the task at hand. For younger boys, I recommend that you have your sons complete their math assignment at the kitchen table while you prepare supper so that you can keep their attention focused on their work. Otherwise, you could leave him in another room, and 30 minutes later return to find him calculating something entirely different than the problems in front of him. Not to say that his thoughts arenít worthy of consideration, but at a later time when he has completed his work. Training is crucial in the early years so that your older sons can concentrate on the task at hand.



††††† Give your daughters plenty of opportunity to come up with creative ideas for teaching their younger siblings. This not only gives them purpose but practice for their future as mothers.