Do I need to join any legal organization to protect myself?
Heart to Heart

††††† In Missouri you do not need that umbrella of protection. For the past twenty five years, we have had very few cases here in Missouri, and most of them dealt with ex-husbands harassing their ex-wives. CHEF has a homeschooling attorney, David Klarich, who is a homeschooling father himself, has served as both a Missouri representative and senator, and who has been instrumental in reducing Division of Family Services jurisdiction over families. David has always given our families free legal counsel, and as far back as I can remember, our cases have been successfully resolved in favor of the homeschooler. On occasion David has also spoken to and written letters to DFS for us, which immediately results in termination of that departmentís harassment of the parents in question. He has also written a letter to a vocational school so that one of our students could be admitted. David continues to give us free legal direction and counsel on issues concerning CHEF; therefore, we are greatly indebted to him for all he has done for our CHEF families!!

††††† Furthermore, David continues to watch out for us in Jefferson City, serving as CHEFís lobbyist, as he is present each day of each legislative session.