Can I log activities like music lessons, cooking and chores?
Heart to Heart

      Certainly, log music lessons and all the time that your children spend practicing under Music because they are learning then. Also count cooking under Home Economics. But as far as chores go, and I prefer calling them responsibilities instead of chores, you may log the time spent learning a new skill under Home Economics, but once your child adequately performs the new skill, you should not log the time they spend completing their everyday responsibilities. For instance, if you are teaching your child to sort laundry, count the time spent learning this skill under Home Economics. But once the child knows how to sort laundry, discontinue logging that skill and start another. You can even include such things as learning how to change fuses, how to properly paint a room, how to care for silver and china, how to spring clean, how to change a tire, how to change oil and so forth because these are necessary life skills.