If I am reading a history book to my children, can I log that under both history and reading?
Heart to Heart

      No, you must make a decision between the two and log it under only one subject since the child was only doing one thing. To better understand this, let me give you some examples. When I read history to my children, the youngest would be coloring in their Dover coloring books pertaining to what I was reading. For example, when I read about the Middle Ages, they would color in their Knights or Castles or Cathedrals coloring books. When I was reading about the War for Independence, they would be coloring soldiers’ uniforms, or colonial tradesmen, or cutting out colonial costumes for their colonial paper dolls. Therefore, I could count that time as both History and Art because they were actually learning and doing two different things at the same time—listening to history while creating with their hands. During the Middle Ages, I had them copy Bible verses like the monks copied and decorate manuscript pages while they listened to Gregorian chants. Therefore, I logged that time spent under Art and Music because they were actually doing two different things—creating beautiful artwork while listening to a new form of music. However, when I read to them or if they are reading to themselves, and the book happens to be a history book, I must make the decision if I want to count the time spent reading under Reading because I wanted to increase their reading skills, or under History because the purpose of the lesson was for them to learn more about history. I cannot log the time spent under both headings because they were only doing one thing.