What math curriculum do you recommend?
Heart to Heart

††††† Well, you have to understand that I have been homeschooling a very long time. You must also understand that when I find something that I like and which works for us, I stay with it. My theory is, if it isnít broken, why fix it. I started with A Beka math and have continued with A Beka all these years. However, I would have to say that Math-U-See seems to be the most popular math curriculum today. We had the creator of Math-U-See at our conference several years ago, and you could probably still get Steve Demmeís tapes from our taping company, which is listed on our website. Also, the Math-U-See vendor is at our conference each year, so if you are unfamiliar with this curriculum, take a look at it during the conference. I personally have not used it, so I cannot tell you anything about it, except it has videos to help you teach each concept. But I can tell you that many mothers have told me that they and their children love the program. They just have the children watch the videos with them.

††††† Regardless of what math curriculum you use, though, purchase consumable math workbooks up through sixth grade. The reason for this is very simple. Childrenís eye-hand coordination is still maturing until this time, so they often will copy problems incorrectly from the textbook, figure them correctly, but get them wrong because it was the wrong problem. Therefore, make your work and theirs easier and just purchase consumable workbooks. You would be surprised at how much faster children complete their lessons in workbooks compared to copying problems from a textbook and then figuring them.