Do I teach my boys and girls the same way?
Heart to Heart

     Boys and girls are so different, and we would be wise to approach them differently instead of imposing our expectations on them compared to our daughters. Boys’ eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills develop far more slowly than girls. Boys are not necessarily slower mentally, far from that. Actually, many boys are far superior to girls in certain subjects like math, but getting them to fill in a workbook is another matter. For this reason, when I was teaching phonics to Sonia (who was 2 years older) and Jedidiah, I would drill their phonics rules and have them decipher words together, but when it came time to filling in the blanks of their phonics workbook, Jedidiah who was ready to become Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett was allowed to depart, while Sonia, who was frothing at the bit to do several days’ worth of workbook pages, was allowed to fulfill her dream of neatly filling in all those blanks in her exciting workbook. Then when it came time for math, we would go over the math workbook together, each taking turns answering the problems. Jedidiah quickly and effortlessly answered each of his problems correctly, but I did not have him write them down in his book because he simply did not have the fine motor skills Sonia possessed. However, because he wanted his workbook filled in, I wrote down the answers he gave me, while Sonia wrote down her own answers. This took place until about third grade when Jedidiah was ready for writing. Again, the key is to tailor your children’s lessons to their capabilities and needs.