Through the years, people have expressed their amazement at the amount of time we spend reading together and often ask questions related to reading aloud. How do we do it?
Heart to Heart

††††† Yes, we usually spend six to eight hours a day reading aloud. You must remember that we donít run around to classes and we donít watch television. This allows us plenty of time to read. Also, most of our schooling comprises reading aloud and discussing what I have read to the children.

††††† We begin each morning with the Bible and then proceed to books about the time period we are studying in history. I will read aloud to the children for hours but will often stop to ask questions, give explanations, look up words in the dictionary, and write facts, words, and new concepts on our large blackboard to be copied in the childrenís notebooks later.

††††† When Jon gets home, we catch him up on what we have learned and go over everything written on the chalkboard. Jon or I then read aloud at the dinner table from the same history book, or from another book relating to what we are studying, or from a biography or other character-building book, or from a book just for pleasure. Later in the evening we all retire to our bedroom where Jon or I read aloud for several hours while the children put together puzzles, do crafts, or snuggle in bed with us. I even read to everyone while Jon drives.

††††† Right now, I am reading Exploring Church History for History; at the dinner table Jon is reading From Farm House to White House: The Life of Washington by W. M. Thayer; and at bedtime, Jon and I are taking turns reading the Little Britches series by Ralph Moody and Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne.

††††† And yes, the kids are constantly reading books to themselves, too, whenever they have a free moment. We do love reading, and the time we spend reading together is very precious to us. Y