Adorable Townhouses for Your Windowsill PDF Print E-mail
Delightful Surprises
        Collect different sized milk cartons (half gallon, quart, pint) and cover with white acrylic paint. Allow to dry and then use tempera paints to decorate. Paint the entire carton desired color, varying the colors on each carton, and allow to dry.      To create adorable two- and three-story townhouses, use contrasting colors to paint on details—shingled roof, windows, curtains, shutters, door, wrought iron porch, trees, shrubs.… After dried, dot with white paint to look like snow. For chimneys, fold over a narrow piece of construction paper, draw lines to resemble bricks, and staple to top of roof. When completely dry, place on windowsill for a delightful row of townhouses. ©