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Delightful Surprises

A Quick Idea For Your Thanksgiving Table

††††† Although this is the Christmas part of the newsletter, I thought that I would give you a last minute but quick idea for your family for Thanksgiving. I just finished making adorable little goodie bags for each of us for our Thanksgiving Day dinner table. I traced around our fall leaf and acorn cookie cutters, which I had placed on brown construction paper. On each leaf, using a fine tip black magic marker, I etched around the edges of the leaves to give them depth, drew in thin veins, and then wrote one name for each of my family on each middle vein of the leaves. Still using the same marker, I colored the top of each acorn to resemble the lines of real acorns and then drew a smiling face on each one. Then I pleated the acorns with our scrapbooking tool. These I glued on little orange paper bags I had purchased at Michaelís.

††††† The bags will serve as their place cards at the table, for each bag has glued on its front a personalized leaf on the top at a diagonal with an adorable acorn glued to the right just below the leaf. I have already filled these goodie bags with delightful little goodies from Nagleís variety