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Delightful Surprises

For a dinner at the Ranch, I made Texan Chili with onions, cheese, chips, and sour cream, cornbread, root beer, and apple pie. On the table, I placed a cowboy boot filled with old westerns for the night’s entertainment. Jon spent an hour with the children, going through a book of pictures from the old westerns and talked about the ones he remembered from his childhood. After dinner, we played a game of canasta, followed by popcorn and two old western movies. Josiah spent the evening peering just above our loveseat in our bedroom with cowboy hat and long Winchester rifle, which he accurately used to knock off all the bad guys in both movies. At first, the bang bang was getting to me, but since no one else seemed to notice, and since he looked so darling, I did not have the heart to complain and so let him battle it out all evening until he reigned the victor with the big guns. All in all as Josiah said, “Thanks, Mom, it was a great evening!”