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Signature Touches


      The following is reprinted from There’s No Place Like Home book, with a few new additions. In 1997 we created a wonderful Cowboy Bedroom for our boys, which is appropriate for any age. The boys’ room is a great place for play and for dreaming of real men.¨     

? For their window treatment, we secured stirrups at the corner of each window frame and draped rustic-looking fabric through each stirrup.¨     

? We dug up cacti from the woods and planted them in large pots on the windowsill.¨    

? An iron carving of horses, a carved bird, and a ceramic wolf picture frame also sit on the windowsill.¨   
? We had several cards depicting cowboys riding their horses and several western pictures framed which we hung on the walls.¨   

? On the walls, we also hung a picture of John Wayne riding his appaloosa, a set of silver stirrups, a coil of barbed wire, a mounted deer head, a steer’s skull, a lantern, and fur pelts.¨      We also hung deer antlers and a metal cutout of cowboys on their horses with hooks. On both of these hang cowboy hats, gun holsters, powder horn, spurs, bridle, lariat, and bugle.¨    

? Their switch plate is a ceramic carving of two wolves.    

? The boys’ guns and bows sit in one corner of the room.

? On their chest of drawers, coffee table, and shelves, we’ve displayed a clay lamp with arrowheads hanging down from jute, oil lanterns, boot bookends holding up Louis L’Amour westerns, a ceramic pair of old boots, a gold pocket watch, fur pelts, a picture of our family dressed in western wear, arrowheads, an Indian headdress, a tomahawk, a silver and pearl-handled pistol, and a flint starter.¨  

? On a round table for two, we have a large checkerboard set up.¨     

? On one long table, their Playmobil western town is set up and ready for play.¨     

? Wolf bedspreads and cowboy pillows cover their beds.¨     

? At the end of the beds, we have a wooden chest, old cowboy boots lined up, a saddle, and a stuffed wolf standing up on a large rock.¨

? Two dark brown vinyl chairs sit under John Wayne and the steer’s skull. On each chair is a cowboy throw. Between we placed a horse’s skull atop an old wooden box. In front of each chair lays a thick sheepskin rug.¨    

? On the closet door, Jon secured a black plastic longhorn steer’s head for the boys to practice their roping.

? We still want to make a simple ladder from tree limbs secured with rawhide for displaying Indian blankets and pelts. We also hope to make the boys’ bed frames from large cedar logs.