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Delightful Surprises

††††† Several years ago, Jonís employer had given Jon a cell phone, which enabled us to talk to one another each day while he was on his breaks at work. We loved to keep in touch and share thoughts with each other about what was going on in our day. However, it was a temporary arrangement that we were compelled to give up, so recently Jon purchased another personal cell phone, in addition to the one that we already have, so that we can call each other. With the family plan, our calls to each other do not cost us anything. Now we call and talk to each other all day long, catching up on what we are doing and discussing Godís truth as He reveals it to us. Jon now calls me during his lunch break so that we can chat for up to thirty minutes. Lately, we have been enjoying some very deep theological conversations, which we continue each day at noon. And then he calls when on the way home and when he is on his way to other jobsójust anywhere and any time of the day. The conversations have been wonderful, and we both anticipate and savor them with relish.

††††† When is the last time you surprised your husband with a great back rub, a drawn bath with candlelight, his special dessert, a loving note tucked into his lunch box, an invitation to an intimate rendezvous at a cozy restaurant, a gift he has been wanting, a special book to be read to him, a sentimental greeting card, or a note of appreciation for something he fixed around the house?

††††† For a delightful, intimate rendezvous, consider dinner at Bristolís Bar and Grille (their booths and lighting are so intimate), Union Station Grille (very expensive, so save for a very special time), or the Berkshire Grill. I especially like intimate conversations in these restaurantsí cozy nooks.

††††† For outdoor dining, consider Winery of the Little Hills or Cafť Eauís (outside around their pool).

††††† Walk at Forest Park, Francis Park, or Creve Coeur Park and then have a picnic dinner.

††††† Take a boat ride in Forest Park and then have a meal outside at the Boat House.

††††† Jon and I plan romantic dates at home by lighting candles in our bedroom, turning on some romantic music, and sharing some cheese, sausage, crackers, and sparkling grape juice.

††††† I almost always read to Jon as he drives, either for pleasure or to enlighten us on some theological discussion we have been having. The times that we are driving, which are often, give us great opportunities to carry on in-depth conversations without being interrupted by phones and company at our door at home. Y