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Tan Your Hide: Home Tanning, Leather, and Furs  It may be hard to believe, but I used to encourage Jon to pick up fresh road kill (like deer and raccoons) so the boys could tan their hides. I hated for Jon and Jedidiah to kill animals for their hides, and it just seemed like such a waste not to use the hides off the already-killed animals along the road. This continued until one day, a shocked Gina Loudon informed me that we could die from picking up dead carcasses. Okay, so we do not do that anymore, but will someone please pass on their deer hides to us so that we have enough to build the teepee I have always wanted to place in my front yard in the country? Wouldn’t it be marvelous to make a teepee for play, camping, and an occasional picnic luncheon and dinner?
 I gave Jedidiah Tan Your Hide by Phyllis Hobson years ago because I pictured him making this teepee with his father and decorating its walls with other furs. But even if you do not share this same vision for your sons, this really is a wonderful book for boys because it gives step-by-step directions on tanning, including the tools needed, various methods of tanning, and leather projects. Even if your son never tans, he can learn how to make a leather vest, belt, holster, wallet, knife sheath, and fur mittens and