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oddhopper operaOddhopper Opera: A Bug’s Garden of Verses by Kurt Cyrus: Well, I must say the title of this book certainly piqued my interest—A bug’s garden of verses, eh? Ha! Was I in for some fun! The story begins at the end of winter in a garden. “Once upon a garden rotten, twice forlorn and half forgotten…Drip-drip-cold and wet. Winter isn’t over yet. Drip-drip-soaking, sopping, always dripping, never stopping. Drip-drip-sound of thunder wakes a weevil way down under. Drip-drip-burrow deep. Wait for spring. Go back to sleep.” Then the next thing you know: “Popping hot peppers-it’s sixty degrees! Calling all oddhoppers! Aphids and bees, crickets and dung beetles, earwigs and fleas! Great galloping grubs, get a whiff of that breeze!” The book then covers the doings of bugs and even a frog in the garden during spring and summer, ending with “Drip-drip-wet and muddy. Party’s over, everybody. Split-splat-plipping, plopping, ripe tomatoes dripping, dropping. Plink-plunk peppers fall. Autumn rain will rot ‘em all. Ick-ugh-creeping mold. Days are dark and nights are cold. Wink-blink-close your eyes. Dream of sunny summer skies.” Isn’t that clever? Well, there is more where that comes from with clever illustrations to accompany the verses. This is a great book to read now while insects abound. Afterwards, have your children investigate to see if they can find any of the illustrated bugs in your garden.