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the little country townThe Little Country Town by Jandelyn Southwell is a young children’s book with lovely summer illustrations by Kay Chorao. The opening words, “In a quiet country town,” sum up the simplistic beauty of this heartwarming book where children pick flowers in meadows and swing from their tree swing; where families sit out on their front porches in the evening enjoying the sweet scent of the fragrant night air; where fishing takes place by the covered bridge; where children listen out their bedroom window to the chorus of froggies; where large, broad trees embrace and enfold the little bodies of neighborhood children; where birds are heard chirping and fireflies light the night as crickets chirp under the brightly speckled starlit night—this is the quiet country town we dream of living in or near. The Little Country Town will become a perennial summer favorite for bedtime ritual to help your little ones settle down to lovely summer dreams.