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In the Library


      Tonight, Josiah presented me with one of the Brambly Hedge books to be read, curled up tight and cozy in bed. Once situated, I began only to hear, “You aren’t going to read that without me, are you? You know that I love those books.” So as is the habit of my other children who desire to hear their favorite books reread, Sonia gathered some more pillows, told Josiah to scoot over so that I could lie between them, and then curled up tight and cozy next to me, too. As is their habit, after every page each asked to see the wonderfully adorable illustrations that make the Brambly Hedge series an adored favorite. Best read during the colder months, these delightful stories about the mice that live in the Brambly Hedge will soon become your favorites as well, and like me you will desire to purchase a set for each of your children as an inheritance that will be passed down for as long as these beautiful books hold together. They almost make you wish that you could jump into their beautiful pages and enjoy tea within their cozy rooms. One is never too old to enjoy such fantasy, but just in case your children think that they are too old and need an excuse to cozy up with these books, purchase a set for each of them to be given upon the birth of their first child. It is books like these which you must purchase while they are still in print because you want the beautiful illustrations to be in crisp shape. Other books that just contain text actually become more appealing the more worn they are. Not so with these lovely books. Enjoy!