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In the Library

     A Friend in the Dark: The Story of a “Seeing Eye” Dog by Ruth Adams Knight, published in 1937, is a wonderfully endearing story about the mutual love between one man and his dog and how this man’s sacrificial denial ultimately became his merciful blessing! Based on a true story, this book relates how Morris Frank’s experience with his own dog led him to establish the first Seeing Eye Dog institute in America, so that dogs could be educated to become eyes for the blind. Thankfully, these dogs have enabled the blind to live more normal lives. Pictures of the dogs in action are included in the back of the book.

      I highly recommend this charming book as a keepsake for your sons for several reasons. First, it shows the blessing of sacrificial denial, and secondly, it inspires gratefulness for our own sight and compassion for those who lose theirs. Also, it is a true story of one man’s desire to bless others by the same means God provided for him. And finally, it displays the marvelous faithfulness and love God instilled in dogs, which serves as a jumping point for in-depth discussions on faithfulness to God and others. Be sure to keep a box of tissues nearby, though, as we all cried throughout the book.

      As always, I left an inscription on the inside cover page which reads: Dear Jedidiah, How long I desired for you to have your own dog and how thankful I am that God answered my prayers with Tira. Make certain your sons have a dog of their own. Every boy needs one. Always remember how I prayed for a dog for you. I love you. Love, Mama October 30, 2004.