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the year at maple hill farmThe Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice and Martin Provensen is a wonderful panoramic view of an entire year on a family farm, giving month-by-month details in word and picture about how a family takes care of their animals throughout the year. Although Josiah and I still love this book, it is especially helpful in giving younger children a better perspective of what a year really looks like by what changes occur with the changing weather patterns. To enhance the study of this book, cut off about twelve feet of freezer paper and divide into one-foot sections titling each by month, starting with January and continuing through December. Then have your children draw their own pictures of the monthly changes that occur on a farm or of the activities your family enjoys each month. We did this several years ago and really enjoyed seeing how our children depicted our family each month of the year, and now I am doing it again with Josiah. It is a great reminder of all the fun things that we do as a family each month and truly gives a visual perspective of an entire year.