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the big snow     The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader is a delightful story containing adorable illustrations of the wildlife before and during a Big Snow. As the wild geese begin their flight south, all the animals begin their story about how they fare through the winter. Chipmunk, groundhog, skunk family, and raccoon family retire to their tunnels and dens for a long winter’s sleep, while the meadow mouse, white-footed wood mouse, and the squirrels store away enough food for the lean winter months.

      “Then the night after Christmas there was a rainbow around the moon” which the wise old owl knew meant much snow. Soon flakes were falling until a lovely thick blanket of snow covered the woods, meadows, hills and valleys. The birds, rabbits and deer were hungry because they could not find food in the deep snow, but they need not worry, for the little man in the red cap and little woman in the green coat who lived in the stone house generously scattered seeds, nuts, bread crumbs, corn, and hay for their woodland friends. Soon all the wildlife who weren’t sleeping through the winter joyfully came to partake of the generous banquet that the little old couple provided during the Big Snow.