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In the Library

There’s No Place Like Home


      Since this issue is devoted to our daughters and their heritage, allow me to recommend my own book, There’s No Place Like Home, as the perfect gift for your daughter to encourage and equip her to be a devoted wife, loving and fun mother, and a keeper of a lovely home. Inside its covers, she will find over 250 pages filled with encouraging, inspirational, and practical articles on decorating, parties, family celebrations, seasonal traditions, gardening, gift ideas, delightful ideas to surprise each family member, creative teaching ideas for practically every subject, unit studies, history notebooks, seasonal activities, child training, organization, toddlers, marriage, recommended reading, games, traveling, meals, encouragement when faced with trials, a biblical worldview, raising godly leaders, devotions, and many, many articles on the blessed joy of motherhood.

      This is a book that will not only help impart a vision and purpose for being a wife and mother, but its helpful and timeless articles will also be referred to over and over again, through the generations, as There’s No Place Like Home has a legacy of helping families, now even second generations, to achieve a standard of excellence in everything pertaining to the home and family. I do sign books, so if you would like for me to sign one for your daughter, just let me know.