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In the Library

altNorth Country Night by Daniel San Souci: Last night while all of us were snuggled in our bed, Sonia declared that her favorite night consists of a full moon shining brightly on a snow covered landscape. We all let out a sigh of pleasure, as we pictured us in the country gazing upon the glorious sight of the moon brightly shining on the snow surrounding our house nestled in the woods. If snow is on the ground and a moon is in the sky, we all don our winter attire and walk about to enjoy one of the greatest visual blessings God has ever given to man—for there is nothing like a moonlit winter wonderland. Personally I wish that our climate heaped much more snow on our surrounding landscape, but in truth, if that were the case, I would find myself trying to move heaven to make it possible for our family to hibernate in our cabin in the woods all winter long.     

With that said, you will understand why I love North Country Night. The front cover of this book sold it to me the moment I spied it many years ago. Always looking for beautiful picture books to read to my children on cold winter nights, I love books that share my love for our winters—this book being at the top of my list. For the book opens to a snow covered cabin nestled in a snow covered forest. What could be more comforting! The silence of that snow covered winter wonderland penetrates my soul to its deepest recesses and brings a wave of awe and delight upon me every time I look at the pictures.      

This story is a true rendition of the life of the woods at night. The story opens with the extinguishing of the cabin’s last lights and ends with the first light of morning, while the pages in between cover the activity of the forest’s nocturnal animals. I praise God that my husband and I are such soul mates in all areas of our life, for even in this, one or the other of us initiates night walks for our family. And it is during these nightly treks that we have observed deer, owls, fox, raccoons, and possum and heard our local pack of coyotes howl its praises to God—all blessings of great magnitude! This book encompasses the great happenings that occur at night in a snow covered landscape that only a marvelous Creator could have designed. Don’t miss this gem, which will cultivate in your children a love for winter nights in the woods. God is always at work even when we are asleep. So right before sweet slumber, snuggle up together in bed and read this story while your children drink in the gorgeous pictures of the night. May you enjoy this beautiful book as much as we have!