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In the Library

cache lake country This past weekend while in the country, I pulled Cache Lake Country by John Rowlands off the shelf thinking that it would be a good companion to our western articles. Josiah was soon by my side looking at the pictures, as I thumbed through the book to help reacquaint myself with its contents. As he was pointing to some of the illustrations, he said, “Did we finish this?” When I reminded him that we had read it last winter, he sadly responded with, “That’s a shame. It’s a neat book.” Coming from an eight-year-old, that is by far the best recommendation I could possibly give you.
 Boys, big and small, and country girls at heart will enjoy this monthly diary of the life of the author who headed into the great Northern forests of Maine to survey the land for a timber company. He loved it so much that he stayed and built his own cabin from the surrounding timber. From his personal experiences he lovingly shares its beauty, its weather, its animals, and how he lived off the land, which includes how he made a toboggan, rabbit skin robe, maple syrup, split log table and bench, paddle, outdoor bake oven, compass, moccasins, snowshoes, and dog sled. Whether you enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, camping or just being out with the bears, moose, deer, beavers, geese, wolves, and owls, you will find this book fascinating.