We're So Thankful to Be Homeschooling
Heart to Heart

We’re So Thankful to Be Homeschooling
by Candy Summers

 With school fast approaching, I always grieve for all the children leaving their homes once again. How sad. How very, very sad! I personally remember the huge empty space I felt in my stomach each year I started school, and how I longed for the love, comfort, and excitement of my own home. But alas, my thoughts come back to the present, and I am encouraged and so very thankful that my children and I are on a different path today. While all those other families are racing around to get school supplies, we are still enjoying the many days left to summer. I am very thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing me with children, and that my children are home with me and not away somewhere.
 As little sleepyheads trudge off to school to be welcomed by strangers in cold surroundings, my children and I will be snuggling in bed discussing what we want to do for the day; for September is the month when we visit all the places that were so crowded all summer—Grant’s Farm, the zoo, downtown…. Breakfast may be quick, or it might also be a celebration where Josiah and I make Daddy, Mama, and baby pancakes for everyone, while Sonia makes biscuits, and Jedidiah fries eggs and makes gravy. Even breakfast is a family affair.
 Jedidiah, as is his habit, will have already been up a couple of hours before us. He will have read his Bible, read a chapter or two in his current biography, worked with the dogs, and worked on one of his many ongoing projects. I mostly wake up to the sounds of an air compressor, drill, dremmel tool, or hammering, and I will continue to hear these same noises throughout the day as he repairs bikes, makes pocket knives, hammers designs on his leather works, or fixes everything he can around the house. He might also be building something—rubber band guns, bike ramps, clubhouses, sleds, birdhouses, airplanes…. I ask myself, “What would this child do if he were stuck in a desk all day?” He certainly would not be the same little boy with all the ingenuity stomped out of him. Then I thank God again that we homeschool.
 If we don’t go on a fun outing, then we will begin reading, which lasts for hours, starting with our Bible and then on to a wonderful collection of other books, mostly historical. For hours we will read, define, analyze, discuss, and enjoy the deep conversations we share. I thank God, once again, that we homeschool; that I am blessed to learn with my children—a wealth of treasures I never was given at school—that our children are learning from Jon and I who have a very strong biblical worldview and not from some stranger who probably would possess a humanistic worldview.
 We will also play games, Legos, blocks, playdough, create works of art, sing, bake, and snuggle together in our home. And I thank God that we homeschool.
 When Daddy arrives home, we’re here to kiss and snuggle, catch him up on what we have learned, and then he and I sit and talk. Later he and the boys will go off to fix something on this old house, while Sonia and I talk while we prepare dinner together. Then we will all gather together around the dinner table to talk, sup, and enjoy. Later in the evening, we’re off to our bedroom for more reading. Everyone together, Sonia sewing or piecing together her puzzles, Josiah playing quietly with toys, Jedidiah propped up on his folded arms, the cats curled up next to the children, while Jon and I read aloud. We read, define, analyze, discuss, and evaluate in the light of God’s Word and God’s divine plan throughout His Story. I thank God, once again, that we homeschool.
 Today, we face an inevitable judgment if we do not change the course our countrymen are on. You know, God said that if His people would humble themselves and seek His face that He would heal their land. He did not say if most or all the people of the land did this, but if His people did. God always works through individuals and their families—through a remnant—a small portion of the population. For God searches to and fro upon the earth searching for faithful servants who will take up His cross and follow Him to bring about His purpose and plan.
 Are you ready to heed the calling He has placed upon you to raise up mighty warriors for the battle? We have a tremendous task in front of us, but God is always faithful to complete what He has begun in His faithful few.
 Begin by thanking Him today for your family and the great opportunity you have to change the world through the little ones He has placed before you.
 The world comes to our home every day—neighbors, neighborhood children, and beyond—because there is something here that they can’t find out there. We are lighthouses to a lost world.
 Our little eight-year-old neighbor Edward is moving to Chicago. For a year we have played with him, read to him, done Bible studies with him, fed him, and been here for him because there is never anyone at his house. We recently gave him another Bible, placing our address and phone number in the back of it, just in case he ever needed us. There he had God’s Word and God’s children always available to help this lonely little boy. Jon spoke a blessing over him, and we all prayed together for him. I cried inside, “God, who is going to be there for him when we are not?” God will send another. I’m hoping it will be a homeschooling family who will be home for him. We all need to be lighthouses.
 Let us all join together of one mind and heart and humble ourselves so God in His great mercy can heal our land.