The Promises of Spring
Heart to Heart

The Promises of Spring
by Candy Summers

 When the rain, rain, rain comes down, down, down, do we run, run, run for higher ground? Whenever life’s storms begin to brew, we all try to dodge the raindrops as we head for shelter. We are unmindful of God’s promise to exult in tribulations (which brings about proven character) and His sovereignty over everything in our life. When we return to Him only after the winds of persecution have blown over, we deprive ourselves of the richest blessings of life’s storms.
 Naturally, the closer we are to the river of life, the more storms and flooding we will encounter. And though we may be overwhelmed at the time, if we can but learn to always stand firm to absorb all the rich deposits the river of life has to offer us, once the waters recede, we will be the richer for it.
 Standing close to the river of life, we will incur floods, but with every downpour comes a rainbow of promise that we will not be destroyed by flood. With every flood comes the promise of a productive harvest.
 And, too, with every spring comes a newness of life, a rebirth, a new hope. From tulips and little lambs to fuzzy, yellow ducks and pussy willows, springtime holds a special place in my memory. Puddles to splash in, the lovely sounds of peepers once again, bouquets of daffodils, and games of “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” bring back that fresh breath of the new season. Then on Easter Sunday, among the white lilies, I would sit in my new smocked dress, white gloves, white patent leather shoes, and my new Easter bonnet. I would hear the Easter story of my dear Lord’s love for my lost soul and the newness of life that comes only from abiding in Him. Full of joy, I arose with the blast of the trumpets to sing, “Christ the Lord is Risen to-day, Al ---- le - lu - ia.” What a glorious hymn!
 Home to baskets filled with marshmallow ducks and chocolate rabbits, aunts and uncles gathered to watch all of us cousins hunt for brightly colored eggs.
 A time of gladness, of bright colors, of rainbows, and promises of the newness of life, springtime comes once again to refresh our souls.