The Inheritance
Heart to Heart

Dear Families,      

 “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go … It’s so hard to wait! … Hurrah for the fun! … For this is Thanksgiving Day!” Spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s; waking up to the Thanksgiving Day Parade; helping Mom stuff the turkey; watching The Mouse and the Mayflower; playing games while enjoying the rich aroma of pumpkin pies baking; snatching up tidbits as Jon carves the turkey; and gathering together to hold hands and praise God for His many blessings culminated in the bounty and splendor of this holiday dinner is one of many family traditions we hold dear.     

We greet family celebrations with delightful anticipation. Traditions weave an unbroken thread of continuity through our lives, connecting us to each other and to future generations. These occasions of the heart deepen emotional bonds among family members. They build our homes memory by memory, weaving well-worn paths deep within our thoughts and hearts where we long to return to, again and again. It is these frequent journeys made together that preserve our heritage, inking in the same traditions for future generations.     

Elegant Valentine’s dinners followed by heartfelt sentiments; Irish meals and music on St. Pat’s Day; Easter communion and praise; coloring eggs, hunting eggs, planting seeds, receiving spring baskets filled with delightful stuffed baby animals, books and things to celebrate spring; a trip to Grant’s Farm, outdoor concerts followed by our favorite ice cream parlor; blueberry and blackberry picking; outdoor picnics before Muny productions; dinners at McGurks outdoor patio; swimming and watermelon seed spitting contests; fishing at dusk; walks in Forest Park; horseback riding in the moonlight; apple picking on the Great River Road followed by family-style chicken dinners at the Lodge; bonfires and hayrides at our farm; stargazing while lying outside on a crisp night; holiday baking while listening to Christmas carols; High Tea at Adams Mark; spending entire afternoons and evenings downtown Christmas shopping at Famous Barr and viewing all the decorated windows; taking pictures in front of the beautiful 40-foot tree at the Metropolitan Building; taking in all the gorgeous decorations at Adams Mark including their charming gingerbread display of St. Louis; dinner at Houlihans, shopping at Union Station, and ending with a walk up Anheuser Brewery’s Christmas-lit lane; ending the year with praises to God for the year’s bountiful blessings; ushering in the New Year with prayer and a magnificent buffet.…     

As seasons come and go, these perennial favorites mark the ebb of time and serve as signs pointing us to the most important things in life—love, laughter, family and celebrating the joy of togetherness. A tremendous source of bonding and intimacy, these yearly rituals carve out a retreat from the world giving us a sanctuary for our souls and a sure footing in life.     

A passion for celebrating family and carefully attending to cultivating and preserving family traditions ensures a rich inheritance for future generations.      


            Jon & Candy